// Published 21st November 2015 by Spashion


DJ SKEE is a man of many talents who has become a major figure in the music and sports world. He has developed one of the strongest DJ brands, with countless mixtapes, Skeetv, radio shows on satellite radio and now Skee Sports. Here he talks to SPASHION about up and coming artists he’s watching out for, his infamous sneaker collection and his passion for sports and music.

How did the Skee empire build up to the powerful brand it is today?
Lots and lots of hard work and dedication!

What was your big break into the industry?
Connecting with Steve Rifkind as he was the person who ended up giving me my first job and moving me to LA when I was 17.

What are some DJ’s you looked up to when you first started getting into music?
Everyone from Skribble, Clue, Julio G and so on. Stretch Armstrong was the first big DJ I connected with and also a huge inspiration. I drew different inspirations and styles from each to make my own.

What are some up and coming west coast artists we should be checking for?
Depends on who you still define as up and coming, as a lot of guys starting to get shine have been putting in work for a long time. Obviously Nipsey, Problem, Bad Lucc, Dom, Skeme, the TDE crew, and all those guys are blowing up but, there’s also some dope new cats like S Mak, who no one has really heard yet, who is amazing.

Who is the most interesting person you have interviewed?
Tough question… too many to name! I always enjoy the old school legends because they have so many stories.

How do you usually go about handling someone particularly difficult to handle?
It all depends on the situation. You have to roll with it and figure the best way to get what you need to get out of them and become a mind ninja!

You have worked with ‘The Game’ heavily. Do you have any more tapes lined up with him for 2013?
Oh yes, stay tuned!

What is your favourite mixtape that you have done?
Jay-Z’s “American Godfather”

Who would be an ideal collaboration for you?
Some type of super group with like 15 live instruments, singers, rappers, and an orchestra. Something utterly insane.

You have a massive sneaker collection. How many do you reckon you have?
Way too many to even comprehend. It’s a serious problem.

What was your first pair and what is your most prized possession; sneaker wise?
I always wanted to get nice shoes as a kid but we could only afford Payless. The first pair of Jordan’s I had was the stealth grey Jordan X’s after my Mom finally gave in and spent $100 on a pair for me. The next year when the XI’s came out is what really set it off for me, and I haven’t looked back since. Prized sneaker possession would be a pair of original bred XI’s signed by Mike.

You were at SXSW this year. What artists did you rate from there?
Man, we had everyone from Macklemore, to Usher, to Snoop and so on… you name it, we literally were in the middle of everything and had like 20 videos go up! It was epic.

Can you tell us a bit about Skee Sports?
I feel there is a big opportunity to combine sports and the reach and brand athletes have into our world of music and entertainment content… stay tuned!

How did you come up with the concept for Skee Sports?
Luckily for me, I just follow what my passions are and figure how to make business from it, that way its never work.

What’s next for you?
So much. I feel we haven’t even scratched the surface with the brand. More music, tv, entertainment, you name it!

What luxury brands do you like to wear?
I don’t really care about the brand I just grab stuff I like!

How would you describe your style in 3 words?
Simplicity and classiness, with emphasis on the little details.

How did you find your shoot with SPASHION?
Amazing! Loved the way the shots came out. Thank you guys!

How do you stay in shape?
Variety. Crazy workout routines and (trying to) eat right. I’ve gone through all the beach body programs a couple of times, like P90X, Insanity, Asylum, and I mix it with playing sports, lifting, kettle bell, and a lot of running.

What do you think is the big connection between artists and fashion?
Its all art, and especially with the internet generation, it goes hand in hand.

What sports do you follow? And what is your favourite team?
Everything! Both kinds of Football, Basketball, Baseball, you name it.

Who is a sporting hero in your eyes?
Anyone who inspires me.

What was the last sports event you were at?
A Dodgers baseball game the other day.

Trainers or dress shoes?
Do you even have to ask? #SkeeLocker haha.

Stay in or go out?
Staying in is rare, so probably that but I do enjoy my work which is going out.

Flash watch or flash car?
Both- not too much just enough to stand out and stay classy.

Where’s your top 3 favouite hangouts?
My house, my studio and any sports game!

Name one thing you can’t live without?
My phone, unfortunately.

If you could play one sport professionally, what would it be?

Finish these sentences:
To you music is… life
Sport is… entertainment
Fashion is… natural