Live For Now

// Published 26th September 2015 by Spashion


Pepsi have long been popular creative icons and they are stepping things up yet again. They have unveiled their new campaign for the World Cup in Brazil to demonstrate “great acts of creativity”. This time however, Pepsi MAX has launched a clothing and accessories line.

They are designed by six of the hottest artists around and are an enlightening and enlivening addition to the World Cup fever hitting men and women everywhere. These designers are working through six of the top fashion labels around.

The design theme is “The Art of Football”. This is a genius way of bringing together the artful skill of soccer and the hand eye skill of classic artists. Both demonstrate the talent behind their brain to hand to ball/canvas.

They have then added an electronic cherry to the top of their cake by announcing a new line of technology gadgets. The six innovative fashion houses chosen are Original Penguin, B&O PLAY, Gents, Goodlife, Del Toro and SHUT. The designers themselves range from comic illustrators to graffiti artists. Only leading retailers will be supplying the designs, so for now they can be sourced at Liberty of London, Colette in Paris and Bloomingdales in NYC.

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