// Published 26th November 2015 by Spashion


This summer Nike launches the Nike Football Rebento duffle bag and The Mercurial FlyLite Guard. The Nike Football Rebento Duffel bag is its first 3D printed bag in the company. Three bags created for Neymar Jr., Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo will be carried along with their competition this summer in Brasil. Martin Lotti, Creative Director for Nike Football describes the features of the bag. “We wanted to create something that was truly special for the game’s greatest players,” said Lotti. “We did this by utilizing one of the most cutting-edge technologies- 3D printing – to make a bag that is unlike anything else.”

The 3D print gives the bag body and shows a durable structure that allows the bag to flex. It also allows different levels of customization for individuals. The Mercurial FlyLite Guard provides protection a new webbed shock system with impact absorption hit after hit. It involves a combination of new materials along with a new design. Lotti recognize the need for this type of guard with the players.

“Players such as Neymar recognize the need for a guard and want that protection, but they tell us they want it without sacrifice,” said Lotti. The FlyLite guard adds an increase to flexibility which allows a more customized fit. It also covers the shin bone to help the absorb impact while providing optimal airflow thanks to the honeycomb structure. Lotti adds that the Nike’s equipment design team utilized the 3D printing technology to impact the patterns. “With 3D printing, we were able to quickly innovate, experiment and test hundreds of patterns and prototypes for the engineered shock system,” said Lotti.

Both products will be available early July at