// Published 27th November 2015 by Spashion

Introducing Grace Ladoja’s first documentary as part of the Vans #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL documentary series.

Through the documentary Ladoja captures the skating culture for young Russians through the LVO crew and their indoor skate den, “Priton”.

The name “Lyxhka v obtyazhku” (“tight around the thigh”) stems from the tight jean wearing crew who bonded together over their mutual interest of skating. The documentary gives you an insight into the somewhat bleak life of these who crave an alternative lifestyle that doesn’t fit in the social norms of Russia. Showing that for this group, skating is not just part of their life, it is their life.

Vans’ #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL documentary series Embraces creative self-expression. Each series is made with a unique take on people, places and things and the dedication to that originality.