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Nick Hutton

Devon-born sailor Nick Hutton, bowman for the Prada Luna Rossa team, talks to SPASHION about his dream to win the America’s Cup and being the face of Prada’s new fragrance Luna Rossa.

What influenced you to get into sailing? 

Probably my surrounding environment. My family and friends were always sailing so it was the natural thing to do when I was a kid.

How do you train and prepare for a big race? 

There are three type of preparation: physical, mental and technical. The first two go together and they are part of our fitness programme with our trainer. The technical preparation is conducted with our coaches through debriefs of the previous races, briefings about the conditions which are expected that day and the racecourse.

How do you stay motivated?

My dream is to win the America’s Cup; it’s my best motivation. 

What has been your career highlight so far?
Besides the win in the Extreme Sailing Series in 2010, I won the Swan World and European Championships, the Student World Match Race Championship and the British Match Race Championship twice. 

How did it feel to win the Extreme Sailing Series in 2010?
When you win a one year long Championship you feel you have accomplished a real achievement. It is not like winning a single race, which is anyway always a satisfaction; it means that you have been consistently good throughout the months and in very different conditions. It’s a great feeling. 

What’s been your toughest time on the water?
I had a big capsize during the 2011 Extreme Sailing Series championship; it was very close to not ending well for me that day…

How does it feel to compete with the Prada Luna Rossa Team?
I feel hugely lucky and privileged to race for Prada: Luna Rossa is an iconic team, both from a technical and from a human point of view. It is a team that has, not only some of the best sailors in the world, but values. [Luna Rossa] has a culture, a spirit and a tradition which are very special and that no other team has. This imprinting comes from Mr. Bertelli’s passion and dedication. He has built the team throughout the years around some key values: loyalty, respect, hard work and dedication. But there is also a very human and friendly approach that Mr. Bertelli has with each one of us. He is very attentive to us and wants everyone to feel happy in the team. It’s a little bit like an extended family and I know that, for many sailors around the world, the Luna Rossa team is the dream team…

What are your hopes for the America Cup? 

WIN!!!! Every competitor’s goal is to win and it’s our goal too. Trouble is, everybody else out there wants to win as well…

You’re the face of Prada’s new fragrance Luna Rossa. Tell us about that.
I still find it all very strange when I see [the Prada Luna Rossa campaign] picture on the wall. It’s an amazing honour to have the opportunity to be seen as that [but] it still makes me think, it’s going to be everywhere, which is a very, very strange thing. 

How was the making of the campaign?
The shoot has been fun. Director, Adam Berg and photographer, David Sims were both very nice and made me feel comfortable. All the production team was amazing. During the shoot, we were wet – very, very wet. It was a pretty long day but it was something I’ve never done before and the chance to do it again is probably zero. It’s a great experience and something to treasure. 

What’s your style when you’re not on the water? 


Where’s home for you now?
Auckland at the moment then we will move to San Francisco. 

What can’t you live without?
Friends and family. 

What’s on your playlist?
Bob Marley.

Finish these sentences: 

Sport is… teamwork, endurance, perseverance, determination and humility. 

Fashion is…Prada.

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